A Little About Georgia

Oh hey, you stuck around! Good.

I guess I’ll tell you about myself. Nice to meet you, my name’s Georgia. I like makeup but I don’t always wear it, I like heels but I rarely wear those either. I like cocktails and (forgive me) gossip.

I’m a 26 year old digital content editor (that’s fancy-talk for ‘writer & tweeter’) for the British Cardiovascular Society. This is a recent move to Not-For-Profit, based on me getting sick of the sales atmosphere of a B2B company. So far, I’m loving it.

I’m a feminist, obviously.


I am also an aspiring author, which is tricky due to my tendency to procrastinate and my severe lack of spare time.

I sing a lot. I mean a LOT. In the shower, in the bath, while I’m washing up, when I’m hoovering; but predominantly I sing at band practice, and sometimes even on stage. I’m in three projects at the moment – Up&Go (originals, Skacore Pop-Punk); Funky Bamalam (funky versions of contemporary pop); and a The Commitments & Blues Brothers theatre show that is due to start touring the South-East in April 2017. We may come closer to you in 2018, keep an ear out…

I also have a vocal nodule which I have to train very hard to look after and sing around, as well as taking painfully long breaks from singing where I can. It’s a bit shit, I shan’t lie.


Oh, and I knit (quite well), draw (quite badly), and play the piano (really badly), too. Because who needs just one hobby, eh?

Cat parent of Keef & Luna, and wife of Adam. Yes, that is in order of importance.

Any questions? Have at it: curiouscat.me/UpAndGeorgia

You can find me tweeting pretty much constantly @UpAndGeorgia