(First post, woop!)

I’m performing in a stage show later this year. I’ll put the dates and links at the bottom just on the off chance you’re interested. It’s taking place in theatres across SE England, and moving further out as we move into 2018.

The difference is, the cast members…are also the band. You see, we’re performing a show based on two of my favourite films: The Commitments and Blues Brothers. The first act will see us repping our best Dublin accents and starting up a Soul band, and then the second act will see us recreating the story of the famous duo, Jake and Elwood, and their mission from God. If you’ve seen either of these films you’ll know that they centre around musicians, so it’s quite a cool way to turn an awesome gig into an awesome stage show.

From Left: Mel, Kay, Me! NB. Mel left after the last run, and her part is now played by Leah, who is also lovely.

We’ve done a run of this show before, albeit a short one. But this time, there are script changes, special effects – and some new cast members. Honestly, it’s looking and sounding pretty great, I’m super excited. For the record I am playing Bernie/Aretha.

However, as the logistics are starting to come together, it’s becoming apparent that none of us have particular stage-show experience, outside of AmDram and our initial run. So things such as quick-changes and character shoes are things we’re having to research ourselves (particularly the female cast members).


It’s utterly bizarre having been obsessed with makeup, and been trained professionally by makeup artists, for so many years, only to have so much of your knowledge turned on its head. We can’t use foundation with an SPF because of the stage lights, we need a sweat-free primer, setting powder, and everything needs to be ten times as dramatic to stop us getting washed out.

Me during the show’s 2014 run

On top of this there’s dancing – sweet baby jesus, if there’s one thing I abhor…Though we have an actual choreographer, so we may survive yet. We also have a director and a musical director, just in case you’re worried we’re going to turn this into a shambles. We got this covered.

But all in all, it’s shaping up to be an amazing – if difficult – show, and every member of the cast and crew is pouring their heart and soul into it to make it as amazing as possible – which again, is quite a feat considering this is all going off our own (particularly Elwood’s) back.

I honestly cannot wait. And I know I complained about the makeup but in all honesty, I get to buy loads of new makeup. So I can’t complain. 😉

Sidenote: If you do this sort of thing  on the regular and have any advice – for the love of god leave a comment and tell me it!

Shameless Plug:
Here’s where/when the show is on: 

  • Saturday 22nd April 2017 Braintree Arts Centre
  • Saturday 6th May 2017 Colchester Arts Centre
  • Saturday 13th May 2017 Haverhill Arts Centre
  • Saturday 20th May 2017 The Broadway Barking
  • Saturday 17th June 2017 The Brentwood Theatre
  • Saturday 1st July 2017 The Millfield Arts Theatre Edmonton
  • Saturday 8th July Fisher Theatre Bungay
  • Saturday 30th September 2017 The Hazzlit Theatre
  • Saturday 7th October Luton Library Theatre
  • Saturday 14th October The Quay theatre Sudbury
  • Saturday 11th November The Cresent Theatre Birmingham
  • Friday 17th November 2017 Watersmeet Theatre Rickmansworth


If you fancy coming to see the show, you can find upcoming dates and tickets for just £15 here:



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